Welcome To Sporting & Dining Club

Inspire.  Motivate.  Entertain.

The Sporting & Dining Club is an exciting business!

We bring leading celebrities inspiring speakers from the worlds of business, entertainment, sport and politics to speak at the fantastic events that we host for our membership and that we organise for other clients and charities. 

We are the number one provider of premium dinners on the Isle of Man, and in turn are recognised by sponsors, clients, charities and speakers alike, as the most professional and experienced in the industry on the island. 

Each of our events has been selected with quality and variety in mind for our Membership.
We are sure you will find the perfect event for you and your clients.

Our USP has helped us become the preferred provider for many of our members and partners.
We look at how we can add value and make the event work for everyone involved.

Knowing our industry as we do, we understand the long-term value in nurturing professional relationships,
we want to hear that it’s been great to work with us, our sponsors, members and guests.

The memories of our events will go on working for you long after they are over!
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